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I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you can shave your face and it won’t cause acne.

It’s a common myth that shaving your face can cause acne, but it’s not.

I do know that shaving your face can cause acne, but I have never shaved my face so that I could get it to look like that, although I have very, very short hair.

Although I am not a doctor, I have read many, many case reports on acne and believe that it is caused by a combination of genetics, hormones, and the environment. So it is very hard to say that it is caused by shaving your face.

Also, the fact that shaving your face causes acne is something of a myth. I have seen many people shave their faces and have no acne whatsoever. There are several reasons why this doesn’t happen. First, there are many factors that affect its appearance. Among the most important are hair growth and the pH of the skin. Although it is possible to get acne from shaving your face, most people do not shave. Second, there are many different kinds of acne.

Most acne problems are caused by poor skin pH. That is, the skin’s pH level is too low. The best thing to do is to change your skin’s pH level. This can be done by using a pH scale. One of the most common scales is the pH-based scale. The pH-based scale is the scale used to test for the pH level of an acid or alkaline solution.

The pH scale is used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of any given solution. The pH scale is divided into four equal parts; from alkaline to acidic. There are four levels of skin pH. The highest level is the pH balance, or the pH of the skin. At this level, there is no acid or alkaline in the skin. The lowest level is the pH scale pH of the skin.

If you’ve ever had to face this problem you’ll know that your skin will be fairly acidic due to an imbalance between the alkaline/acidic level of your skin and the acid/alkaline level of the acid/alkaline solution we’re using to test for the pH level of the solution. You’ll also notice that most skin issues are more common at the pH level of the solution.

There is a very large difference between the alkaline and acidic levels of the skin. At this level, the skin is in balance, but it is not totally acid-free because it doesn’t have the alkaline component. Your skin is not perfectly balanced, but it’s at the right pH level.

The pH level of the acne solution used in the research above. As you can see the acne on the face is not totally balanced, but it is close enough for me to consider it a problem and not something to be afraid of.

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