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What’s weird is that I don’t have a tattoo, or am I missing out on something? This is a question that has been cropping up in my circles for a while now, and it’s not even the first time I’ve asked it. I’ve been wondering for a while if it was just some bizarre coincidence or a sign of my own obsession with the subject.

Well, my first tattoo was a little butterfly that I had a friend cut out of my leg. I was actually surprised when I tried to cut it out at the tattoo parlor because it was so intricate. The next tattoo I had for myself was a butterfly from a movie I saw a few years ago called ‘Halo.’ I guess it just looked cool to me then.

In the case of Halo, you can kind of get a whole new perspective on the subject by thinking about the kind of art that Halo used to use. Halo was an action movie, so the concept of a ‘big badass’ was kind of the point. The idea of the ‘big badass’ is, in some ways, a metaphor for the superhero. The ‘badass’ is the guy who is brave and brave.

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