Sage Advice About lip injection bumps From a Five-Year-Old

A lip-bump is the most obvious facial expression of self-awareness but it can also be a sign that you’re thinking or feeling something you’ve never before considered. I always thought I was being thoughtful by putting my lips on the lip-bump. Why? Because I always thought I was being thoughtful and caring.

I was always a little confused about it.

A little confusion here about what a lip-bump is. It’s actually a kind of shorthand for “I’ve never thought about this before.” (It doesn’t work in other languages.) The problem is that this shorthand is really only useful for a person who is self-aware and who hasn’t yet made a full conscious decision to be conscious.

The problem is that our brains aren’t full conscious and self-aware and so we can’t make a full conscious decision to be conscious all of the time. We can’t just say, “Oh, I’ll just do lip-bump.” We have to have some kind of conscious awareness. To explain this we need to go back to some neuroscience.

We start our lives with a very primitive form of consciousness called a thalamus. This is located in the brainstem. As you might imagine, this is a very small part of the brain, and it is actually only capable of being responsible for making a decision. We have to be conscious to be able to make a conscious decision.

The thalamus is actually located in the part of the brain where the nerves that carry visual information to the visual cortex are. This is where the visual cortex is located. The thalamus is responsible for making a conscious decision as to what to do next. It does this by sending impulses into the visual cortex. These impulses are received by the thalamus and are sent to the visual cortex.

This is why lip injections are such an effective way to make a conscious decision. It’s a way to make decisions without having to think about them.

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