5 Tools Everyone in the mole hair Industry Should Be Using

Mole hair is a term that I’ve seen on a few blogs and I’ve heard of someone else using it as well. I’ve never personally used it, but I’ve heard of someone doing it and I don’t think it’s very scientific.

Its a kind of hair that has the same length and width of a human hair, but that is different in color. Ive seen it being used as an accent or hairpiece, but Ive never seen it used in a manner similar to the video above.

The term is used to describe black hair that is lighter than the rest of its color, but darker than the rest of the hair, but still more vibrant, usually a shade of purple. Ive seen a few pictures of molehairs on blogs and videos and the video above is one of the first that Ive seen.

I think it was on the video that Ive seen the first molehair that Ive seen, but Ive never seen another molehair, so I dont know what kind it is.

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