15 Secretly Funny People Working in mono threads for neck

Mono threads are one of my favorite necklaces. They are available in a multitude of sizes and colors. You can get them in your favorite colors, or use them with your favorite color or color combination for a more unique look.

The most basic explanation for mono thread is that it is basically just a single strand of hair or fabric that isn’t a whole strand. The idea is that you can wear them as a single necklace or strand of hair. If you want to do something unusual, like wearing them as a necklace of fabric loops, you can go for it.

The idea behind this is that mono threads are easier to hide than you think. They are easily placed on the bottom of your neck, and you can use them as a hairband for hair, or as a neck piece for the shoulder. You can use them as a scarf, a hair band, a headband, a bandana, a headband, or as a belt.

The mono-threads are easy to find, and have a very unique look. I’ve been wearing mine as a hair band for a while now. It’s got a little bit of fringe on it, and is designed to look like a bun. It’s actually quite beautiful, and I like that.

Ive seen mono-threads hanging off people’s necks for like a week, and they’re still giving me the creeps. They look like they belong in a horror movie. The only reason I would use them is if you were a really paranoid person. Like you want to look like you’re just a regular person.

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