The CRYPTO PROMOTION blog talks about all things related to cryptocurrency and the blockchain, including discussion on how to stay up to date with the market and the trends in the industry. Crypto exchange currency promotion is a booming industry with many different job opportunities for those looking for a career change or for new sources of income. Below we have listed some resources that can help you learn more about cryptocurrency promotion.

Whether you are just beginning your learning journey in this exciting field, or you want to become an expert marketing mommy of cryptocurrencies, these blogs are sure to provide interesting insights and facts on this constantly-developing market.

1. The Currency of Crypto-Currency

This blog talks about the importance of marketing a coin, as well as tips and tricks that can help people determine which coins are the hottest. The author is a self-proclaimed marketing dunk, known for helping companies recognize market needs and really make a mark on the crypto world.

2. The Crypto News Blog

A great resource for those who have a passion for learning about everything related to cryptocurrency. This blog is composed of various articles about news in the industry that impact its growth. If you are looking to take on new challenges in your career, this is an excellent avenue to explore with your potential employer. 

3. CoinHive

CoinHive is a blog that discusses the history of cryptocurrency and how the blockchain has evolved to become what it is today. It also provides interesting facts about popular coins like bitcoin, litecoin, and monero to help you get familiar with these powerful currencies.

4. Crypto Market Charts

This blog is a great resource for those who want to focus on the technical aspects of cryptocurrency, including information on its mining and other technical details. It also includes links to helpful tools like calculators that can help you make better informed decisions regarding diferent cryptocurrencies and their financial value.

5. OMGWTF Cryptocurrency

This blog talks about the many different accounts that are available for cryptocurrency, as well as ways to make money in this exciting new industry. This blog is a great source for those who want to learn about how to get into crypto mining, as well as tips for companies whose main goal is to focus on their companies’ overall ecosystem. Click here for more.

6. The Crypto Gamer

The Crypto Gamer blog talks about modern games and the virtual currency blockchain technology. It also discusses how an old game like World of Warcraft can be integrated with cryptocurrency technology to provide more opportunities for gamers and their players.

7. iCoin-Wisdom

iCoin-wisdom is a blog that covers everything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It includes information on the most important aspects of this new age, as well as exclusive news about what is happening in the industry. They also have a page dedicated to creating cryptocurrency mining equipment. This is a very useful resource for those who want to learn more about the exciting world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

8. TheBitcoinBook

This blog discusses useful resources relating to cryptocurrencies, including links to various standards that are used globally in this market. It has sections that cover data centers, mining and more, making it an excellent resource for those looking for up-to-date information about what is happening with cryptocurrency today. 

9. The CryptoPotato

This blog is dedicated to providing helpful information on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It also discusses all types of content about the industry, such as videos, blogs and articles. The CryptoPotato provides helpful information for those looking to learn about this new technology that is growing more rapidly than ever before.

10. Softonic

Softonic is a review platform that includes an entire section dedicated to cryptocurrency outreach resource links and reviews. It has a wide variety of resources available to help users get familiar with this exciting industry. It also discusses how they are involved in marketing cryptocurrencies and how they are increasing their presence on the market. 

11. Cryptoverze

This blog talks about the different types of advertising that are available to those who are trying to promote their cryptocurrency. It provides insights and opinions, as well as information on ICOs, cryptocurrencies and many other aspects of this new technology.

12. Cryptocurrency Overview

This blog includes a variety of articles that talk in detail about everything related to cryptocurrency, including how it has become such a popular way for people to make money in the 21 st century. It also discusses the different companies involved with cryptocurrency marketing, as well as all types of services that can help people master this new industry and make money doing so.


If you are looking for a new source of income, crypto igaming is the way to go. They have changed many people’s lives, and this is an industry that is still experiencing rapid growth and development. Whether you want to learn more about marketing, mining or trading; the cryptocurrency industry offers a wide variety of jobs for those looking for a change in their career or another source of income. These blogs will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding diferent aspects of this exciting new technology, as well as tips and tricks to help you get ahead on your career path in this flourishing field.

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