3 Reasons Your moles that grow hair Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

I have the great fortune of living in a region that is surrounded by water. So, I have the great fortune to get to eat the most awesome things on earth. I also have the great fortune to have access to water and the ability to go to the bathroom in it.

One of the things that I love about living in a place with water is that it allows me to grow a lot of fur. I know that I’m not alone, because someone somewhere is enjoying the water and getting bored with having to go to the bathroom. But, they’re not the only ones.

I’m glad to report that if you live in a place with water you can grow fur. I don’t have a great answer for why, but I’m glad that I live in a place with water because the fur makes it incredibly easy for me to stay out of trouble and be a good pet. As someone who used to have to pee in a puddle, I’m glad I live in a place with water because I can make it easy for others to do the same.

The fact is, without the ability to grow hair, the whole idea of a pet would be much more difficult. When you have to go to the bathroom, you would always be worried about getting your pet wet. But, without the ability to grow fur, there are no bathroom situations, no peeing issues. As a result, the whole idea of a pet would be much more difficult.

In most places, you have to pee. You can’t pee in a puddle. There is no bathroom situation. There are other animals that don’t have to go to the bathroom, but their hair and fur is always wet. So, it seems that there are actually some animals that could grow some hair if given the ability to grow fur. If you had the ability to grow a little hair, you could always pee in a puddle.

I was watching this show called “moles that grow hair” and it made me see the same thing.

So, are moles that grow hair some sort of anorexic? I have a hunch that most moles that grow hair are probably overweight because of the wetness of their fur, but then again that’s also possible.

I guess I’m curious what they eat. If hair is wet, I’d imagine they have a lot of wet food. It seems like they could be eating other animals to grow hair, but if hair is wet, I’d assume they’re eating other animals that are still growing hair.

Perhaps moles that grow hair do this to themselves because hair is a natural substance that doesn’t require a lot of sustenance. The wetness of hair is actually a benefit for the moles because they can drink it (though they dont have to) rather than starving themselves.

That would be interesting because it would be interesting to see how moles that grow hair actually eat other animals, or if they try to.

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